Why Make the Promise?


 The Hyo Jeong Promise

Hyo Jeong is the irresistible, unstoppable desire to bring happiness to my Heavenly Parent. Those who make the Hyo Jeong Promise are destined to lead lives in which they seek to serve their Heavenly Parent before being asked. They are the people who are moved to remedy God’s woes by bringing healing to God’s beloved children. They are the generation of young people who go beyond the call of duty to build peace at every level of society.


My Heavenly Parent


Spiritual Fulfillment through my Heavenly Parent

We believe that at the core of our identity lies one undeniable truth: we are each a son or daughter of God, our Heavenly Parent. With that truth as a firm foundation we are able to look at all aspects of life with a clearer understanding. Our generation is looking for purpose and meaning; a light to lead them in the right direction. That light is our relationship with our Heavenly Parent.

When we distance ourselves from our Heavenly Parent we find ourselves in situations which are confusing and feel as if they lead nowhere. However, when we take time to nurture and nourish our relationship with our Heavenly Parent we find ourselves creating joy and fulfillment in our everyday life.

By investing in a living, thriving and personal relationship with our Heavenly Parent we begin to mirror God, become one with God, and become like God. What better foundation for all areas of our life than to become like our Heavenly Parent?


My Future Marriage

Building my happy family starts with ME

Why is it that so few of us are able to build marriages that last? We believe that the root of this issue stems from our general approach to life, which is to look towards others to make us happy. When challenges arise in our relationships we are often too quick to point the finger instead of looking within. We avoid the pain of admitting our faults and growing our character. But the thing is, our struggles don’t disappear after marriage. If anything they are only magnified.

But imagine for a second how different marriage could be if we took responsibility for our character flaws and worked to improve them before getting married. As result, when misunderstandings, fights and difficult topics arise in our marriage we will have the maturity, the patience and the diligence to work through them and grow our relationship.

So, what is the key to building a happy marriage? It’s simple. It’s me. Bringing my best self to my future marriage. And how do we become the best version of ourselves? We need to put in the hard work of committing to becoming a person of integrity, practicing purity so we can have fidelity in our future marriages. We want to become the best version of ourselves for the sake of our future spouse.


My Impact on Humanity


A Generation that Puts Humanity First

We live in a world that promotes a “me first” mentality. But if each of us only thought about our own needs, where would that leave everyone else? Our world is made better by those who selflessly give to others and build a brighter future for those who will come after them. We want to promote this attitude and become a generation that puts others before ourselves.

How do we do that? Good question! By keeping the bigger picture of humanity in the forefront of our mind at all times. It means that we think on a global scale when we consider what fields we educate ourselves in, how we spend our money and in what way we interact with those around us. It means we get involved in causes that inspire us and raise awareness for those who can’t speak for themselves. It means we willingly and joyfully give our time, energy and resources to efforts that invest in humanity and the world around us.

The beauty of this practice is that in the end we are all taking care of each other. The circle never ends. We take care of each other because each of us share a Heavenly Parent which makes each and every one of us brothers and sisters and one family under God.