My Future Marriage

Building my happy family starts with ME


Why is it that so few of us are able to build marriages that last? We believe that the root of this issue stems from our general approach to life, which is to look towards others to make us happy. When challenges arise in our relationships we are often too quick to point the finger instead of looking within. We avoid the pain of admitting our faults and growing our character. But the thing is, our struggles don’t disappear after marriage. If anything they are only magnified.

But imagine for a second how different marriage could be if we took responsibility for our character flaws and worked to improve them before getting married. As  result, when misunderstandings, fights and difficult topics arise in our marriage we will have the maturity, the patience and the diligence to work through them and grow our relationship.

So, what is the key to building a happy marriage? It’s simple. It’s me. Bringing my best self to my future marriage. And how do we become the best version of ourselves? We need to put in the hard work of committing to becoming a person of integrity, practicing purity so we can have fidelity in our future marriages. We want to become the best version of ourselves for the sake of our future spouse.